Monday, January 6, 2014


Such an awesome display of Rube-sarcasm. 
While some of you are slogging through the morning on your way back to work or school after a long break of over-indulgent slothiness, others are still at home in their jammies due to state-mandated weather house arrest.  Lucky you!! Or are you ready to get back to the routine? I've always liked taking the decorations down and sort of getting back to normal...the house suddenly feels a little more Zen. 

Here in ATX it's a bit chilly: 23 degrees--cold by Texas standards, but tolerable none the less. Daddy went back to work on this frosty Monday, but we're not blue. Instead I sorted through some of our candid shots and thought I'd share some happy tidbits from our holiday break. 

Most of the time she's a princess, but sometimes she's a pirate. 

Tattoos from Santa and a good mama cuddle on Christmas morning. 

The hubby staying on top of prenatal care, even in his absence. 

Which is no small feat. 

Having him home is so awesome. 

Oh and I felt the urge to paint one day. So I did. 

And a special gift from a dear friend who is moving away. A swingset!! How did my little baby get so big??? 

Now we are just playing the waiting game for our sweet baby. I feel calm. I know it will happen when it is supposed to. In the meantime, I can't rest enough. Or eat.  Only a few days until my due date. Expect good news coming soon. 



Sarah Greenman said...

Oh these photos are so dreamy! You and R together all tattooed is darling. And YAY for a swing set! Now if it would just warm up a bit, R could make some use of it! We're all here waiting patiently for baby... take care of yourself in the mean time. xo

Molly {Dreams in HD} said...

what beautiful photos!

Molly {Dreams in HD}