Saturday, January 25, 2014


As many of you probably already know.. I had a baby! 

Huck Lawrence Anderson was born on January 16th at 8:18 in the morning. "Huck" because we're wacky like that and "Lawrence" after Scott's father. 

He was a perfect 7 lbs and 13 oz. We are madly in love with this mellow little guy. His favorite hobbies include nursing, sleeping, and nursing while sleeping. I've only heard him cry about twice so I can't even describe it. 

This little guy likes to eat so much that when they laid him next to me at birth, he tried to latch onto my face. Luckily my booby was nearby. 

I promise to share all of the juicy details of the birth in time. It's too soon for me to talk about it. I haven't quite wrapped my head around all that happened myself. Let's just say that simple, easy births are just not in the cards for Scott and me. Sigh. 

Intelligent, adorable, sweet children seem to come to us easily. So for that I am grateful. 

Pardon a very sporadic blogging schedule in the coming weeks. Having a three year old adds a whole new element of crazy to this newborn picture.  De-throning the princess is looking a bit ugly. 

Huck thanks you for following along! 

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