Thursday, January 30, 2014


The days are really just a blur of nursing, mild tiredness, cuddling with little Huck, and pondering just how many photos you can take of a sleeping baby from different angles. A lot I tell you.  

Scott went back to work today after an eternity of waiting on me hand and foot. It was painful to get my own coffee this morning. Ruby returned to her preschool as well and even though she says she doesn't want to go anymore, I imagine she is having a ball catching up with her peeps and telling stories about her new brother and visit from Grandma. 

I'm on my own with the kiddos next week and I'm not quite sure how its going to work. I never factored in the whole surgery bit into being a mother of two. Still, I'm healing and the pain is subsiding. The emotional side of it has some work to do yet, but today's a good day. 

My hubby has been so amazing in all of this. I have to share this hilarious project he did for Ruby. She is naturally curious about all of the new baby care gadgets and has temporarily traded in her princesses for playing "mama and baby" or with a slight variation of "mama and babysitter."  You have to have the gear if you're going to play the mama. 

So Scott made her a carseat, a monitor and a breast pump. With cardstock and tape. Seriously, do you love my husband? 

Check out that mini-flange for tiny bubbas (her word for my breasts).It even has branding..  

Ruby taking pumping seriously. 

I laughed so hard I doubled over in pain and had to pop another Advil. The things we do to keep the littles entertained. 

Cheers from babyland!

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