Thursday, January 2, 2014


Yesterday, people all over the world are woke up late, vowed to hit the treadmill/gym/yoga mat, give up sugar/alcohol/gluten/dairy and generally turn their lives upside down with lofty intentions. Don't kid me--you did it too. Except it all starts "tomorrow" because there are still Christmas cookies in the pantry, cheese dip in the fridge, and you're hungover from overdoing it on New Year's Eve, right? Yeah, I'm onto you.

It's natural at the end/beginning of the year to take stock of your life and want to make changes. Usually this involves an in-depth criticism of everything you're doing wrong in your life and shameful oversight of all that you HAVE accomplished. 

In an effort to avoid adding more unrealistic expectations to my already jam-packed, busy life, I'm vowing not to make the typical resolutions that leave me in a guilt-filled haze by mid-February but instead I'm vowing to do only three things that I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to sometime in 2014. Tread-milling at 5AM does not qualify!  Beating ourselves up over all of our shortcomings probably isn't the most productive way to accomplish more--Why do we do this to ourselves?

First step. Make a list of ten things that went right for you this year. You probably have hundreds but write down the most memorable ten and celebrate them! Hell, even finish off the cheese dip from last night and drink a Bloody Mary (can't wait!!) while you're doing it.  Take a nap--it's your day off. You've earned it!

Here's a couple of mine (with the help of my hubs). 
1.  I potty trained my kid. This is no small feat. 

2.  I kept plugging away at this blog and a I think a few people actually enjoy it. 

3. I grew a human. From my own body. Like in my spare time. Props to me!

4. I had my first large wholesale order of jewelry. 

5. My savvy design madness was photographed and published on (Something that people actually read) Although its outdated because I changed a bunch of stuff already. 

Cheese dip, egg nog. Bam. Yay me. 

So here it is. My anti-resolutions for 2014. The things I want to do instead of torturous regimens of fasting, bodily abuse, and withholding of the stuff I love.  And if I don't do them, its because I probably didn't really want to, and I probably did something else noteworthy and awesome instead.  Cheese dip. Bam. 

1. Start/host a monthly Sunday potluck for friends, friends of friends, and any random passer-by who wishes to join. I want it kid-friendly, informal, and fun. Who cares if the napkins match, who cares if the house is clean or any of the other excuses we make to not get together. Bring some food, pull up a chair and let's take advantage of all this beautiful Texas weather. Spending a Sunday drinking beer with interesting friends doesn't sound like too much of a chore. 

Photos courtesy of Kinfolkg 
2. Purge. Get rid of more stuff. Because cleaning stuff sucks, buying stuff to house our other stuff is stupid, and not having enough time to enjoy my life and family, be creative and rest like a normal human because I'm managing the flow of stuff is just not good quality life. In the last month, Scott and I have unloaded an absurd amount of clutter from our home and I'd like to reduce by another 25%. Trust me. It feels good. Let it go. 

3.  Try a new creative craft like weaving, pottery, candle-making or improve my sewing (finish the quilt I started 6 years ago?). Not because I need or have to, because I think it would be fun to do something fresh. If I change my mind half way through the year..who cares. The point is ENJOYMENT. Here are some of my inspirations. . . 

We all want to improve our quality of life and New Years is a natural time to start. What if this year, we all try to be a little happier? Find three things that will make you feel happy and balanced in 2014 and perhaps all those other things like our little pot-bellies, and dark circles under our eyes will just work themselves out on their own? 

Perhaps you'll find yourself exercising at 5am because you just can't wait to get up and enjoy your life or making gluten-free cookies because you have friends coming over and you feel like trying a new recipe? Less punishment, more joy...who's with me? 

Wishing you a very Happy New Year from Beauty in Bits!! 
Thank you so so much for reading!!  

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