Thursday, February 27, 2014


Still dreaming of clean white spaces, tons of light, and no Disney in sight--Hey that rhymed! (Sorry, I'm sleep deprived) I used to think people with all white spaces were just design-impaired or lacked a soul. Now I understand...they have young families and they just need a break from the chaos. 

I haven't had much time for fluffing the nest lately, but I did take down the curtains in my living room to maximize light and pushed some of our furniture around to create a wide open space. My hubby is such a trooper for putting up with all my design changes--I know he thinks I'm insane sometimes. 

I have a few items on deck to be painted white, namely my dining furniture--its really just a matter of deciding if its worth hauling both kids to the home depot to get the paint. We have a history of 5-star meltdowns at Home Depot. Hmmm.. 

Some spaces inspiring me: 


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Liandra said...

I'm regretting my light brown walls in the living room. Over the last few years that color had taken over. In the process of bringing some life back in here! Good luck. :)

Sarah Greenman said...

I love the photos you picked for this post. So lovely!