Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Feeling oh so proud of my latest brainchild.
Betty Jean, a small clutch/artist's pouch.  Let me give you the tour. . .

Scraps of Denim have been hand-distressed, bleached, and dyed into a striking mix of lights and darks.

Stitched into a patchwork design and framing a piece of hand-dyed vintage needlepoint in luscious fuchsia, this small clutch measures approx . 8"x 6"

I've artfully embellished the back with Kantha-style stitching,  reverse applique', and a small scrap of fraying antique tapestry in raspberry.

This pouch is lined with an insane piece of floral-embroidered silk that I've been hanging onto FOREVER and closes with a vintage brass button and antique eyelet in ivory. A hand-strap in upcycled denim makes it easy to carry.

It's a mash-up of old elements and modern style...a keepsake piece with carefully selected elements. One of a Kind and available for the plucking here.


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