Monday, March 17, 2014


It's an especially blue Monday..Back to work after a full week of spring break family fun. I'm back with my usual blue images to express my whiny attitude. While researching Boro, I stumbled upon Shibori. This is basically just fancy tie-dye with Indigo, but leave it to the Japanese to be all meticulous and awesome about it. 

I'm seeing this as a recent trend and I love it. But then I never stopped loving tie-dye. I'm just hippie flippie like that. 

Some examples: 

And some images of different techniques..which of course I'll be trying. 

I don't know how to use indigo (yet) so for now I'll substitute Rit Dye in Royal Blue. Some samples drying in the sunroom. Some old linen shirt scraps and yes, that's a kitchen towel. 

Expect to see these in one of my designs very soon! 

All images can be sourced here

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