Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Textile mania continues! I am getting so excited to start working on some of new projects. My recent research on quilting led down the path of decorative stitching and embroidery. I've done a little applique' and thread work in the past. I am completely self-taught and kind of just go for it, but the result is usually still pretty interesting. 

Some inspirations: 

Natalie Chanin's work for her company Alabama Chanin.  Her creations are AMAZING. 

Different running stitches I've been practicing. 

I love how even simple stitching can elevate a plain piece to something sumptuous and textured.

 Then there is mastery:

Free form work (lazy) like this is more my speed.

I LOVE this piece:

And my recent practice piece..very rustic by comparison. You may see this on a future bag. 


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Sarah Greenman said...

Beautiful! All of it.