Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Well here it is! Over the last few weeks I've been planning, prepping, and piecing together my first handbag for One Man's Trash, and I have a few more in the works!

As this is my first attempt at such a big sewing project, I tried not to be too hard on myself or obsess about perfection. I know I will learn as I go. Instead my goals were to create something durable, beautiful and wildly creative. 

Let me walk you through it. 
A large piece of brushed woven cotton in an earthy taupe has been embellished with patches of hand-dyed tapestry scraps. I love the "landscape" of these woven bits when you get up close to them. 

I've hand-stitched a spriral design in shades of raspberry and mint and added bits of metallic trim for a little sparkle. 

The yoke of this bag is a scrap of floral upholstery that has been dyed a painterly green, edged with a pink and brown stripe and topped with a highly textured square of raspberry damask, salvaged from an antique chair, with a vintage button and gold satin cord. 

I wanted the back to be as beautiful as the front..sort of a two-for-one with this piece; depending on how you're feeling that day. It is a more simple design made with linen in shades of soft blue and coral, patches of floral textiles, and stitching detail. 

The yoke is made from the same scrap as the front for continuity but hand-dyed in a soft gold and topped with raspberry damask and a vintage wood button.  

This bag is approximately 8'x11"..perfect size for a quick outing (I modeled it after my own) and is fully lined in a whimsical print in aqua with an interior pocket. I like to call this size "the concert purse" You know..just big enough for your wallet, your keys, your lipstick, your lighter and any other random ephemera you pick up throughout the night. 

The strap is crafted from a soft brown botanical piece and lined with the same print as the interior of the bag. I made it long enough to wear as a cross-body. 

It's a wild, bohemian, gypsy piece that I put a lot of thought into and am so proud. It's not perfect but it meets the criteria I set out for. Durable, beautiful, and wildly creative. I photographed it to death like a first-born child. Obviously. 

Available in the shop today. (Check in tomorrow for number two!)

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