Monday, March 31, 2014


Simple Spaces has become sort of a regular feature on my blog..See here, here, and here.  I am still slowly taking our house to a more simple, minimal aesthetic with lots of light, bright white and a few vintage touches with color. I'm going on the motto, "If I don't love it, throw it, donate it, sell it, or change it."

Weeding through my inspiration images--I actually study this stuff, people--usually while nursing Huck--I noticed that the simple clean, modern spaces I am most attracted to have a common feature. They have one or two striking GOLD or yellow elements, ranging from lemon to deep mustardy olive, that truly make the room sing. Some examples. 

For the truly committed, you can say it with architectural features. 

Or bold furniture choices. 

Small-commitment pieces like side tables. 

Carefully placed textiles. 

Bold artwork--love this effect. 

Or simply fake it with floral and accessories. 

I'd like to find some way to incorporate this "Midas touch" to my living spaces as well. This week I'm hoping to finally get the dining table painted..the gallery wall finished and my beadboard painted white. I promise some before and after images of my efforts here at home--COMING SOON! 

PS All images are linked to their source here

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