Thursday, March 20, 2014


Despite my best efforts to clean out, we are still addicted to thrifting on the weekends.  Admittedly we are often turning in stuff we no longer use for other stuff we want.  I guess that's better than letting it pile up. 

Some of my recent acquisitions:
This tattered old tapestry from my favorite Austin vintage store, Room Service. I am planning on piecing this into some bags for the shop in the near future.The tag says it was made in Italy, but the scene is obviously Parisian as its the courtyard in front of Notre Dame.

I've invented little characters for them.. 
The entertainment: "Can I get a what what?" 

The minstrel: "May I play you a song, milady?" "I don't date musicians" 

The lurker: "Smells like someone farted"  "It wasn't me whistle whistle"

No, I don't get out much.

These super cool oversize vintage buttons that you'll also see in the shop at some point. 

This guy. We haven't decided on a name for him yet. Ruby likes Olaf (frickin' Frozen) but he's clearly German so we're still figuring it out. I think its important to have a few things in your home that make you chuckle. 

He looks like he could be a relative, and being the beer lovers that we are, I had to have him. He looks as though he will look up at any second and say "mmm beer."

I've been working on my gallery wall in the dining room forever and it is ALMOST DONE to my satisfaction (more on that later). 
He will be a funny foil to these serious ladies that are there now. 

The beauty queen.  Also from Room Services (and not thrifty at all).

Frida. From one of my trips to Mexico. Always serious. 

An old self-portrait

This simple portrait.. Obviously an amateur but I love the colors this adds to the wall. There is something so simple about this painting. And I bought it for 1.99 at Goodwill. Holla. 



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