Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I'm making an effort to do more DIY posts. Everybody loves a good cheap DIY and Lord knows I have enough of them going at one time.

Ruby's interest in princesses seems to be waning (thank the freakin Lord) and she is asking all kinds of questions about the world. She suddenly has a huge interest in the human body, robots, art, and music.

Creative outburst at her desk. She made about fifty of these drawings at once.

This a picture of our friend Sara..with a baby in her belly and her dog Bastien. Clearly.

I'm working on a dollhouse project for her (me) with this old broken record player case. 

She was fascinated by the guts, so we made robots.  

A girl robot and a boy robot. Clearly. Some googly eyes would have killed it but we were fresh out. There's a dog somewhere too.

And her new drum kit. 

Tin cans leftover from chili night. I put rice in one to change the pitch.

Balloons with the stem cut off, stretched over the tops and a rubber band to help hold it. 

Chopsticks from takeout night make instant drum sticks.  

Easy and cheap.

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Sara Petit-McClure said...

You are so creative Rachel! I'm glad that Bastien and I made your post. :-) Let's get together soon!