Tuesday, April 8, 2014


So I've been growing my hair out for what feels like eternity. In actuality its been about three years and I can finally say that it is "long."  My hair has kind of always been my thing. It is a great shade of strawberry blonde, its healthy, thick and generally cooperates with what I want it to do. 

I've always been bold with my hair choices. Here's me in high school rocking the long and flowing look. Remember when you spent 45 minutes on your hair? Puh-leez.

Here's me on my 21st, rocking the ubiquitous Meg Ryan 90's super short do. 

My girlfriends and I all had this cut, and our apartment stocked a giant pot of spiky hair wax at all times. (RIP Sebastian hair mud) 

Here's somewhere in between. Pre-kids when I had time to run a flat iron through it. (mmm cocktail)

When I was pregnant with Ruby I swore if I was ever pregnant again I would have long flowing locks. Somehow I felt like I needed "big hair" to balance out all of that belly! 

Then short again.

Here' me, pregnant with Huck, at 39 weeks. 

FYI....NOTHING balances out that big belly. And you're so tired you can barely get a brush through it anyway. 

Still, there is something about having long flowing hair that somehow makes you feel ultra feminine and gorgeous. Even if you don't have nice clothes or wore any makeup, your long, flowing goddess hair will fool everyone. Some examples:

Recently I made a trip to the salon and after much discussion, agreed to chop off 1.5 inches of split ends to get it looking healthy again. 

I also wanted a few layers for movement. Despite my protests along the way, my stylist's scissors ran away with her and I left the salon with four inches less hair. It was painful. Yes it was cute the first day when she blow dried it, straightened it, styled it etc..

Yes it looks healthy, but its so thick and heavy on most days it also kind of looks like that really bad Kings of Leon hairdo. Shudder. 

I'm also coming to terms with the fact that while caring for my three year old and with an infant strapped to my chest, the majority of the day, my long flowing goddess hair usually ends up in a bun on top of my head or a low ponytail with a part down the middle that makes me look like a dowdy old librarian. (no offense to librarians). I simply don't have time to style it or even blow dry it. Shit, I sometimes don't shower until 6pm. 

It's also about 8000 degrees in Austin 75% of the year. It gets hot up in here, even if you're not carrying a 15 pound meatball in your Ergo while standing in line at a taco trailer. 

So, to make a short story long... I think I am going to...gasp.. cut my hair. 

Pros: Easy to care for, less buns, cooler, could be super sassy. 

Cons: If stylist doesn't "get it" I could end up with "mom hair" and accidentally wear a pair of "mom jeans" and spend the next three years whining to my husband that I never should have cut my long flowing hair, and end up having to move to the suburbs and get cable. 

So here's my pictures for inspiration. Pardon the gross celebrities, but those ladies have the best stylists. 

Julianne Hough. I don't even know who/what she is but her hair is fricking cute. 

Mary Kate? Ashley? Who knows. Cute hair. Mmmm cocktail. 

Julia Styles. I have a lot of natural wave that I fight so I'm thinking, get some good goop and stop fighting it. 

Someone model-ly. Too short for my round face but this look is great. 

Random girl. Cut but not this color. 

And Alf. Because you've listened to all this girl babble and I need to provide you with some sort of comic relief that made it worth while. 

Thanks Alf. 
Okay.. what do you think???  Help me people. 

PS Apologies.. I do not have sources on any of these images. 

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