Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I think my extreme case of gestational minimalism is fading. Phew.. I still have a burning desire for clutter-free, zen-like spaces, in fact, I'm still transitioning many of our home basics to white, but I just can't deny my deep need for color, texture, pattern and comfort. It's who I am.

I'm aiming for a neutral white and gray background, with lots of wood and natural wicker/rattan/jute, some plants and loads of richly textured, patterned, colorful textiles that can be switched out with all of my decorating whims and seasons.

I'm also finding myself attracted to red as of late--a shade that has been completely phased out of our home for a few years.  Rather than the traditional brick shade I find myself drawn to pops of cherry, coral, and vermilion. I'm trying to introduce some small pops of it amidst all of this blue that has taken over our space. I'm slowly finding my palette again.

I'm also rearranging my living room furniture off the walls to a more cozy seating arrangement around the fireplace. It is less spacious but more inviting to actually sit in. Before and Afters coming next week.. Some more inspiration images in the meantime:

Stay tuned!
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