Friday, April 18, 2014


If you read last week's post, you know I'm doing a new feature called Confessions to show how imperfect life can be, despite what your favorite social media shows you. Last week after my post, my husband berated me severely for not knowing how to change a tire. I didn't say I was proud of it! That's why its a confession! This week's round: 

1. latest stupid thing you did to your kid/pet/self_Dropped giant spoonful of fried rice on infant son's head while wearing him in the Ergo.

Well, sweetie, because you won't nap in your crib and you have radar to wake up every time I try to put a piece of food in my own mouth. 

2. I love to eat _gluten, even though its _very trendy not to. Flaming Hot Cheetos are a gluten-free snack. This does not make them health food. 
3. My pet peeve of the moment is__Parents who let their 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, (big kid) year-old stand/jump/climb on TOP of the play structures at parks, thereby risking knocking my little three year old, who is playing safely, through the air/onto the ground/in the head, and just generally setting a bad example. If this is your kid, put your damn smartphone down and pay attention, you ass. (Sorry)

4. I still love __dollhouses/dioramas,  even though it is so uncool (and age-inappropriate). I'm working on one of these travel suitcase dollhouses for Ruby for our road trip coming up (will blawg it I promise) I'm enjoying making it slightly more than she will probable enjoy playing with it. 

5. I sometimes wish I was_a music producer. No talent-less hacks and posers please. I meant to put a picture of Robin Thicke here, but I didn't want to look for one. 

6.  Beards_are hot. I know..Hunnam. I've used this image before--it's that good. 

7. I still don't know how to__grill.  Around here, that's man's work. As is grocery-shopping and cleaning the dogs ears. (Anyone else think Ted Nugent's whole persona is really comical?) 

8. Right now I really don't like my _medical bills.

9. Right now my _garage is a disaster. 

10. I'm afraid of__the giant ten-story highway overpasses entering the greater-Austin area. I drive out of the way to avoid them. Too many years of living in an icy climate have made me terrified of plummeting to my death even when its 100 degrees here in Texas. My hands literally sweat until I reach the end of them and I have to close my eyes when Scott is driving. 

Have a happy and imperfect Easter weekend! 


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