Friday, April 25, 2014



1. latest stupid thing you did to your kid/pet/self__Forgot to put away Ruby's play doh activity and abandoned it just long enough for our mildly idiotic but zealous dog to eat it, and then barf it up so that when we came downstairs after playtime, I had to take a pause to figure out why there was neon orange barf on my floor. I got really busy with the kids and various other mini-catastrophes of the mom workday and the orange barf sat there on the floor until Daddy got home at 5:30 but by then Ruby had laid a piece of toilet paper over it so that we did not have to look at it anymore. Good work, Ruby. Nothing like orange dog barf with toilet paper stuck to it to welcome you home after a hard workday. 

2. I love to eat _cheap hot dogs, charred on a grill...about twice a year , even though its _apparently lips and assholes.
3. My pet peeve of the moment is__people who slow down or stop 10 yards from the light or car in front of them causing everyone else who was approaching the intersection in a normal way to have to slam on the breaks and then barely make it through the next light because that car gave himself an extra car length or two to warm up. arg.

4. I still love _Renaissance festivals even though it so uncool. 


5. I sometimes wish I was_ frequenting restaurants, pubs, concerts, and other shallow, hedonistic activities every night like I did pre-kids.  

6.  This song_is hot. I suggest playing it over and over while dust-busting.


7. I still don't know how to__swim well. Oh I can sort of fake it and survive in the deep end but laps???? uhhh.. doggie paddle?


8. Right now I really don't like my _student loans.

9. Right now my _closets are a disaster. Like, real bad. Like, hacksaw falling on your head, broken light bulbs bad.

10. I'm afraid of_getting hit by a car in the parking lot, as I'm returning my cart to the cart corral while my babies fry to death in the Texas heat while strapped in their car seats waiting for me.


So there it is..
Have an awesome weekend.. We're off to the annual Eeyore's Bday party here in Austin. Good times. 

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Emily Howell said...

Ren Faires are the best!!!!!