Friday, April 11, 2014


I recently read an interesting article on how the next generation, whatever letter it is, is the most dissatisfied yet of all previous generations--despite unlimited, instant, access to the entire world with the current technology. They sited the main culprit for all of this disappointment as "facebook image crafting" You know, only posting the prettiest/filtered photos..the money shot from your rockin' weekend..the one in which you look the least ""hideous"" (see last Friday's post), etc.? This is a real thing. And you know you do it. 

We are bombarded with a host of social media like blogs, Facebook, and Pinterest showing us that everyone else is living a more lovely, more crafty, more sexy, more organized, more happy life than we are. 
I think if we are all being honest, everyone is a bit of a mess in their own way. Perhaps a healthy dose of reality-sharing will start a new wave of image-crafting that will help all those young, dissatisfied folk on their smartphones to be grateful for all that they have or at least be comfortable with the non-perfectness of their lives.

In the essence of real-me-image-crafting, I'm starting a new weekly series called Confessions. To show you that I'm not perfect either, despite the cute, edited snippets of my (chaotic) life that I post here on the blog. 

Truthfully I love my life and I would consider myself very fulfilled in several areas of my existence, but honey, we all got our shit. (Sorry-my newly acquired Texas dialect is creeping into my writing) I'm hoping people will respond when one of my confessions hits home--isn't it great to just relate to one another when you thought you were alone? 

1. latest stupid thing you did to your kid/pet/self__Left unopened condom on floor of bedroom. Three year old brought it to me in shiny gold wrapper and said, "Mom can I have this for my treat, today?" True story. I had small stroke and said, "This is not candy, this is medicine" and shoved it in a drawer while texting my husband in the middle of the workday.  He nearly peed himself. 

2. I love to eat __big macs, even though its _McDisgusting_in a plethora of ways that could take up an entire blog post.

3. My pet peeve of the moment is__when I nurse my baby to sleep so I can quietly slip him into the carseat, make a mad dash for the car with a three-year-old who is having a seizure to get out of the house for an hour, only to find that said three year old has buckled all of the carseat buckles together and pulled the belt as tight as it goes so one of her stuffed animals can ride in it safely. I then lay down said sleepy infant, simultaneously waking him up, unbuckle/readjust carseat, pick up now awake and yelling infant and explain to three year old why we are now delayed twenty minutes to go to the GD playground..Happens multiple times per week..Do I ever check it first? Nope. 

4. Something I still love ___Jack & Diane______ even though it is so uncool. "Little Ditty..bomp bomp 'bout Jack and Diaaaaane. Two 'Merican kids growin' up. In. the. heart. land. bomp bomp."

5. I sometimes wish I was___living Anthony Bourdain's life.  

6.Seeing my husband hold our baby_is hot.

7. I still don't know how to____change a tire.

8. Right now I really don't like my ___wardrobe. Pre-preg, post-preg, mid-preg...what is the new normal me? Guess I'll put these big stretch pants on again.

9. Right now my ____calloused feet and janky toenails are a disaster.
10. .Sometimes I__am crippled by guilt about what kind of parent I am or am not being.

So there it is..Craft that. More next week!.

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Sara Petit-McClure said...

Amira does the same thing to Phoenix's car seat. :-)