Monday, May 5, 2014


Pop Quiz:

1. I spent my weekend. . .

a. cleaning and working on orders
b. shopping, taking cute selfies with Huck, & drinking wine
c. rearranging the rooms of my house
d. all of the above. 

Summer is here! We've gradually switched into "fun mode." Grilling, tinkering around in the yard,  making fun cocktails, walks, playground visits, local events. . . You really have to jump on this moderate weather before the long sizzle sets in, and the only thing to be done is go to the pool.

Here are some beautiful bits..

Anyone think this looks like a veggie tale character?? 

Easter with the grands. Bubble party. 

First family pic as a foursome. 

On our way to Eeyore's birthday/May Day celebration in Austin. 

Terrifying face-painting volunteer. I think Ruby peed a little every time she reached for her, but what do you do? Its a volunteer! 

Seeing lush green trees reaching for each other instead of dry, brown, sticks. 

Our herb bed, making dinner easier every night. Rosemary, mint, basil, parsely, chives, oregano.

My mojito patch.... I mean, mint. 

Our new rose bushes.. actually blooming. I predict these are not going to survive our summer. 

Cooking up some beads for some new necklaces. 

Ruby playing "Queen" with my new fabric. She's upgraded from Princess. She told me, "Queens don't need a crown."  Respect, Ruby. Respect. 

BBQ Chicken and veg from the grill. 

The answer was d. All of the above. 

Huck, not so sure. 

Okay, now he's sure. 

Cheers to finding the beautiful bits every day. 


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