Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I am dying to do a black room. 

As you recall I did the ceiling in my sunroom in Behr's Cracked Pepper. It makes this tiny space look infinite and I love the effect. Either of my bathrooms would look great with this trend but I'm pretty sure my landlady would have a stroke if she saw me not only hauling more paint into our home but in BLACK!?  Renters are supposed to be transient and beige. And easily painted over. . . so I will wait. . . impatiently. 

Anyhow, I am hoping to do a deep peppery gray/black on an upcoming project in someone else's home. It is the perfect space for it..spacious, tons of light, and a great foil to a lot of pale, neutral and modern furnishings. It creates instant glamour, edge, mood, and plays spatial tricks on your eye. 

I love how black can elevate a great piece of art or a bold chandelier. Some examples. . .

No one does dark like Abigail Ahern. Have you seen her new paint range? REDONK good. I want to buy about five houses just to use all of these delicious, complex, murky colors! 

Dang it even makes Sriracha Sauce look good. And as far as I'm concerned no table is complete without Sriracha. Or maybe these are chopsticks? Maybe I see Sriracha where there is none. Well you get the idea.

Enjoy. . .

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