Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Remember waaaaaay back when I did this dresser project? This simple piece has had many functions in this house and is most currently, a central part of my new living room arrangement. 

I have since outgrown the green and am in the process of painting some of our major living room pieces white, including this one, both to maximize light, and to create a neutral backdrop for all of my decorating whims. 

We bought this piece because of its nice little details like the size, the dentil molding, and pull out desk surface. 

Although it looks great, this piece has a TON of handles. A few are broken and they need updating, but there are FOURTEEN handles just on this little dresser. 

That can add up quickly, even if you find a good deal. So, me being me, I decided to fashion something myself!

1.Take a spool of the cord of your choice. I used a linen cotton braid because I liked how it looked kind of earthy and expensive like something Restoration Hardware would charge a billion dollars for. 

TIP: pick something that "frays pretty" 

2. Cut off one foot of cord, stick through the end pieces of your broken handle. 

TIP:  make a long pokey thing with tape, similar to the end of a shoestring, because it was HARD to get them through the holes until I figured it out. I used a pliers to pull it through.

3. Even it up, tie a knot on each end, cut off tape, and manually fray each end for effect. 

TIP: If you have excess cord, use more than a foot. By the time you shove it through there, tie a knot, and trim off the tape, it takes more than you think. I had six handles and exactly six feet so I had to do this lean lean lean. 

That's it! Easy peasy. Put your handles back on, and you've created an interesting custom detail on a tired piece. 

Total cost: one spool of cord with 50% off coupon at Hobby Lobby: $2.  
Total time: one hour. 

Will reveal the whole vignette. . . tomorrow..mwah ha ha. Stay tuned! 

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