Friday, May 9, 2014


In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, my kids really brought their A game: poopy blow-outs, midnight vomiting, pee pee accidents, giant boogers and a host of other gross Mom-tastrophes. My dog even pitched in and left me a little surprise under the dining room table. 

All of this in addition to wearing my giant baby boy on my body all day and nursing on demand--I am exhausted today. Instead of a Mother's Day brunch I would settle for a night alone at a hotel (I got that last year.) 

Moms can often get bogged down with all of life's icky parts and the daily grind. It's important to take a minute to remember just how small we teeny tiny our problems can be and truly MARVEL at something. 

A few marvelous things. 

10,000 toothpicks

architectural feats

recycled metal scraps over Palace Fortuny in Venice.

Mind over madness..yogis gather in time square. 

Carpet fragment over 1000 years old

What an amazing world we live in. Moms everywhere.. remember that when you're wiping poop off your wall. 

Happy Mom's Day


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