Thursday, May 1, 2014


1. latest stupid thing you did to your kid/pet/self__Discovered too late that Huck no longer fits safely in the crook of my elbow in football hold and whacked his head on the door frame of my pantry while getting cheddar bunnies for Ruby. Fail. This post is not sponsored by Annie's Homegrown but if you're Annie and you're reading this, I'll gladly sell out for some cash?? Because you know, moms who whack their kids heads into the wall make great, wholesome, spokespersons.  


2. I love to eat beer , even though its _beer--not food, and not helping this whole flappy, double c-section situation.

3. My pet peeve of the moment is__the insane amount of laundry that builds up in three days, in this house, even though my toddler runs around practically naked all day, my infant's clothes are itty bitty and I basically wear the same pair of ratty stretch pants everyday??? WTF. Who is wearing all of this clothes? And if we have this many towels why am I always stuck using the wet, smelly one?

4. I still love _ playing air guitar on my steering wheel every time "Sweet child of mine" comes on even though it so uncool. And from like 25 years ago.  And I'm driving a mini-van-esque car...with two babies in it.  Also applies to Dr.Feelgood and anything Metallica.

5. I sometimes wish I was_less spazzy.  

6.  Ragnar Lothbrok_is hot. I have a whole season of Vikings just simmering on my computer..waiting to be binge-watched. That whole smelly, braidy, leathery thing is really doing it for me. Really.


7. I still don't know how to__convert to the metric system without a computer. You'd think as a college-educated woman who has traveled outside of the country, where I expect the world to be Americanized enough for me to get around that I would take an hour and learn it but No. Beyond a centimeter I'm like whaaa?

8. Right now I really don't like my _hair. I got a bad cut and I'm not sure where to go from here and I don't have time to fix it and it always looks like butt. Short? Long? Bangs? New color? 

9. Right now my _ business receipts are a disaster. 

10. I'm afraid of_repeating the mother/daughter dynamics of my generations past. I know. Heavy.

So there it is..A big dose of reality for the blogosphere.

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