Thursday, June 12, 2014


Anyone else out there living in a constant state of overwhelmed? 
Sure, there's the whole new baby thing, and the whole sleep-deprivation thing, but beyond that, I am feeling like I have to be on my A-game every second lately or things fall apart. As a matter of fact, everywhere I look I see everyone trying to be perfect at everything and feeling depleted in all of the things that matter. 
As I've mentioned recently, I am feeling a bit blog-weary, and what normally feels like a fun challenge, currently feels like a chore. Truth be told,  I am weary of all social media and need a break.  I've talked of this phenomenon before. I find myself with serious addictions to Facebook, Pinterest, Netflix, email, blogs, etc., not to mention my own TWO Etsy shops, blog and Facebook pages to match and I don't even have a smart phone! 

I notice my baby boy looking for the screen when he's in my lap.. Ruby constantly tells me "Just down-woad it." I have to resist the urge to tell her how spoiled she is and, when I was little, you had to watch the same stinking VHS tape over and over and REWIND it if you wanted to watch it again..and it was snowing the whole time, blah blah blah.. the classic old person rant. 

Quitting all together seems extreme and seeing as how Facebook instant messaging has nearly replaced email and texting--I think I would literally be an island without it.  Sometimes I wonder if a few years from now, we will pass our friends and loved ones on the street, and instead of talking, we'll instantly download each other's thoughts for the day, and acknowledge each other with a simple "meep meep"...words being so time-consuming and all. 


Today marks the first day of summer vacation for our family--my teacher hubby is out for the summer, pools are in service and temps here in Austin are reaching the high 90's. I need a break, and I've come to a decision that will satisfy my current need for screen-free peace and quality time with the three-dimensional people. I am taking a one month blog break. I am putting my Etsy shops in vacation mode for the next 3-4 weeks. I am limiting my internet usage and making an attempt to slow the frack down. 
Next week, my family--myself, my hubby, and our two littles--embark on a cross-country road trip to visit our friends and family in Minnesota for two weeks. I am using this as an opportunity to check out of the internet world and the need to broadcast every bleepin' detail of our lives. Clearly, I even feel the responsibility to publicly announce that I'm taking a break to be human. That's screwed up.

Instead I'm tuning inward.. to look my children in the eyes when they talk, to quietly read a book with paper spend some time outside on this gorgeous planet before it gets too wrecked, and have actual conversations with my husband, and our friends and family. I want to be creative without feeling like I have to pick up my camera and write a caption "Hey, look at me being creative!"

I love writing this blog. I love putting my little inner monologue out there for everyone to comment on..And I live in reality.  I know I can't escape technology--nor do I want to. I'm hoping this little break will leave me feeling rejuvenated and present in the creative zone that allows me to do all of this in the first place.  
So Adios for a bit. Cue Alice Cooper "School's Out" I may be found painting my toenails, reading sub-par novels, running through the sprinkler with Ruby, staring at Huck's feet, which kind of look like little potatoes with jelly beans attached at the ends...and maybe....just maybe...doing absolutely nothing at all.  You'll just have to guess. 

Happy Summer! See you in a month! 
In Summmmaahhhhhh!!! (Frozen humor for you other parents)


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