Thursday, July 31, 2014


In the spirit of this "Throwback Thursday" trend that seems to be happening on social media, I thought I'd  post a super awesome photo of my pre-braces buck teeth, both to revel in my own awkwardness, and to lead into an ongoing discussion about beauty standards (more on that later). Turns out I couldn't find one, but I imagine one will show up on FB before the end of the day. 

When I was 13, my parents willingly shelled out big bucks for braces to squeeze all those awkward chompers together and spare me the torture of looking like..well... a big nerd. As it is with adolescence, I felt like a big nerd anyway, but having a nice smile was really appreciated throughout my later years. 

Now that I'm in my late-ish (can't commit) thirties, my retainers long-lost, and my tooth enamel destroyed by those very braces and countless dark beers, I find myself once again with a big gap between my teeth.

Diastema, I believe its called (wink, wink, Dr.Coniber) is the official dental term. In the spirit of giving the finger to our age-phobic culture, I have decided to rock the diastema. As it turns out I find myself in some pretty gorgeous company. Choosing not to perfect an "imperfect" smile (as if smiling could be wrong) shows just a bit of rebellion, a bit of confidence and in my case, my first encounter with aging gracefully (again, more on that later).  Some people who rock it. 

So obvious. "M" But seriously stop it with the outfits. 

“I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.” – Madonna

"A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want." - Madonna


Lara Stone.
Lara Stone for Vogue Netherlands, May 2012. Photographer: Josh Olins.

Lara Stone 2014 Interview - Model Lara Stone Talks About Rehab, Alcohol Abuse, and Family - Harper's BAZAAR Magazine

Georgia May Jagger (as in Mick and Jerry as if it wasn't obvious). Excessively hot, not unlike her lineage. 

Georgia May Jagger - February - Patrick Demarchelier
Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger : so so particular!...when a very small lack can make you beautiful, or, above all, unique!

Georgia May Jagger


Vanessa Paradis, сложная романтика - утекающие, нежесткие, неправильные, неровные черты,

Lauren. Can I please look like this in my 50's? 

Lauren Hutton has all the money in the world but she chose not to fix her signature gap tooth smile!


Sexy Brigitte Bardot- The Voluptuous bombshell actress with sexy hair and full pout made the gap tooth sexy in the 50's.

Jessica Pare'. As in Mrs.Draper.

jessica pare- from Mad Men

“Mad Men” Star Jessica Pare Smolders in GQ UK Shoot by Stevie and Mada

Anna Paquin. Built a career around getting chomped. 

Anna Paquin Hair

Anna Paquin | May 2009

Natalie Cole. Unforgettable.

Awesome Gap Tooth Smiles - The Frisky

And the mans.
Woody. As if it wasn't obvious.
"A grownup is a child with layers on."  Woody Harrelson

Gossip Guy.

Cute gap tooth guy

Dennis. Always thought he was kind of hot in that Irishey way. 

Dennis Leary - Is this just me?? He's one fine DILF!

And me. 

Not quite as pronounced as some (yet), but I'm rockin it. 


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