Tuesday, July 8, 2014


As it turns out, disappearing from the cyber-world DOES actually refresh you. Reading books with pages, cooking from cookbooks, playing with your children, and talking to people in person can make you feel like an actual human. I'm hoping I can regularly schedule in some time to do nothing in the real world!

We are back from our road trip and it was awesome! Thirty-six hours in the car with a 3 year-old and 5 month-old, not counting stops and traveling once we arrived. 
Babes of Anarchy
It was not without its hectic moments..dog freak-outs, screaming baby, mild bickering (adults), but the kids did amazing and it will never be as hard as it was this time.
So many truck stops

Ruby was a traveling rock-star (thank you portable dvd player) and answered the burning question just, 'How many times can Anna and Elsa can build a snowman between Texas and Minnesota?' A lot I tell you--a lot. We learned how to maximize drive time with an infant. Basically we lived by the rule, "If his eyes are closed, drive eighty."  

We all just got used to life on the road, and now it seems my kids only sleep in the car.

Yes, the winters are horrific, but it's easy to fall in love with the vivid and green summer days of Minnesota. 

Anderson property..Marine on the Saint Croix
While its no longer home, I cannot deny it was lovely to visit. I took over 400 pictures of our trip and they are so great, I want to share them all! I'm still editing the photos and plan to share some snippets over the course of the next few weeks as well as an ode to Austin, and why we're glad to be home. 
Our family doubled since we took this picture last. 


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