Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I never met a toile I didn't like. I feel like there's a dirty joke there somewhere but I can't quite find it. Anyhoo.. 

While toile du de jouy can be downright icky if used improperly: 

It can also be stunningly decadent and glamorous if used in an unexpected way. . 
Like bold colors, inverted colors, and architectural motifs. . .

Or clothing! I would love to have a toile ballgown...you know, for housecleaning. 

Or get really crazy like Richard Saja and embroider neon punk clothing on all those stuffy farm folk. Brilliant. 

I saw this idea of painting watercolor like swatches on cotton toile. GORGEOUS. 

I think I may try it on this one of my swatches. I think I could use some of the fabric medium I used to paint my couch. Perhaps for a bag or pillow cover for the shop?

Stay tuned. You know I'm a DIY fool. 

PS All images can be linked to their source here

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