Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I'm in a wildly creative phase right now--I blame stress and sleep deprivation--that's how it works for me. The less time I have for being creative, the more passionate I feel about my projects. I've been so busy trying to create new things for the shop that I have neglected some of the older product that is feeling a little tired. 

Yesterday I had a little photo shoot to look at some pieces with a new eye. My mannequin, Sho-queesha, always looks good in my stuff. 

And some new bags that I finished this week. I am in love with both.. 

Linen, batik, Shibori, and handmade beads.

Remember those vintage needlepoints I showed you last week? Paired with earthy canvas, buttery leather, vintage buttons and a whimsical print lining. Yum. 

Sometimes Queesh just doesn't know when to take one thing off. 

All available here
You know you're totally going to be singing Madonna the rest of the day, right? You're welcome.


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Emily Howell said...

okay, these bags are seriously adorbs. you have to teach me to sew... I'm thinking wine and craft night.